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If the unexpected happens after business hours, we are here for you. Fischer Insurance and our partner carriers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can report after hours claims directly to your insurance carrier or in the event of an emergency use our emergency claim number to contact a representative of Fischer Insurance.


  • Auto-Owners: 1-888-252-4626
  • Frankenmuth: 1-800-234-4433
  • Cincinnati Ins: 1-877-242-2544
  • Grand River Ins : 1-231-533-6161
  • Fremont: 1-800-550-0325
  • West Bend: 1-877-922-5246
  • Michigan Ins: 1-800-255-7131
  • Conifer Ins : 1-800-459-1690
  • Progressive : 1-800-776-473

What to do in case of a property loss:

Contact us immediately or your carrier if it is after hours. Be sure to report any theft or vandalism losses to authorities. Protect property from further damage and take photographs of damage before repairing.

What to do in case of an auto loss:

Contact us immediately or your carrier if it is after hours. Obtain names and addresses of other parties involved including passengers or witnesses. Contact authorities if necessary. Be sure to keep receipts of any towing/rental invoices as well as name and address of auto repair centers where vehicle is located.


Contact your agent immediately, any documents you receive should be forwarded to your agent as soon as possible.

Workers Compensation Loss:

Contact us immediately, complete a Form 100 and forward to as soon as possible.