Frequently Asked Questions

Michigan State Insurance FAQ’s

What types of personal insurance policies are available?

We offer Auto, Homeowners, Boat, Life, Long Term Care, Rental Dwelling, and Umbrella policies. Get in touch with your Fischer Insurance agent for further details about these services.

Are discounts available?

Depending on the coverage you’re in need of, there are a variety of discounts that may be available to you. For example, with homeowners there’s multi policy discounts, a Loss Free discount, pay in full discount, plus discounts for updated roofs, in home security systems and automatic backup generators.  Also, some Auto policy discounts include Longevity discount, Multi-car discounts, Loss Free discount, Good Student discount, pay in full discount and multi policy discount. Please speak with your Fischer Insurance Agent regarding all discount options available to you and your family.

Can I purchase insurance directly with your company?

Yes. Contact one of our agents to work with you and your coverage needs. A list of our experienced agents can be found here.

How can I get a quote for a commercial business policy?

Please reach out to a Fischer Insurance agent who’s licensed to work with your business coverage needs. A list of our licensed agents along with their contact info can be found here.

What billing options do you have and how to make a payment?

When it comes to billing options and payment plans you have several options including:

  • Payment sent directly to those insured on individual policies (Direct bill)
  • Payment sent directly to our insured for all policies issued (Account bill)
  • Automatically withdrawn from a bank account designated by the insured (Electronic Funds Transfer or Credit Card)

Pay plans and installment options include

  • Semi-Annual Pay Plan
  • Quarterly Pay Plan
  • Monthly Pay Plan

Most insurance carriers now offer online billing and services. For your security and convenience our companies now allow you to create and log onto a secure personal account for you to access billing and account information.

Get in touch with your Fischer Insurance Agent for additional information.

What coverage options do you provide for a business?

We offer a complete line of commercial property and casualty products designed for small, medium or large businesses. We are a leading provider of Commercial Insurance in Northern Michigan, specific to these following types of commercial coverage:

  • Environmental Insurance
  • Craft Beverage & Liquor Liability Insurance
  • Commercial Umbrella Policies
  • Commercial Automobile Insurance
  • Management Liability Insurance
  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance
  • Commercial Property & General Liability
  • Food Truck Programs

Personal & Commercial Umbrella coverage, what is it?

In today’s America, lawsuits have become more and more common, with the country seeing larger awarded liability claim sums than ever before.

In order to help protect your assets, you maintain liability protection with property insurance such as auto and homeowners. But they have their limits, and with their increase in frequency, these limits are being exceeded by lawsuit winnings. This is where Fischer Insurance is proud to have Umbrella Policy options in order to help you.

Umbrella policies are extra layers of liability coverage that are designed to go above and beyond  the underlying policy liability limits. coverage of other insurance policies. For example, If you happen to be sued, and the case verdict settlement exceeds the liability limit on your current home, auto or general liability policy property coverage, the umbrella policy covers the additional expenses up to the policy limit so you don’t have to put other assets at risk such as your savings, your home, and your business.

Learn more about Personal and Commercial Umbrella Insurance or speak with your Fischer Insurance Agent for more information.

Who do I contact to report a loss?

After any kind of loss, such as car or home damage, it’s important to let us know immediately, or contact your carrier if it is after hours. In the event of an emergency you can also contact a Fischer Insurance agent directly 24 hours a day at 231-533-6161. To submit a claim to us or your carrier, please click here

What does the term “full coverage” mean?

Often misinterpreted, the term “full coverage” does not refer to a policy that covers “everything.”  Rather, “full coverage” usually refers to policies that include both liability coverage and coverage for property damage.

A Fischer Insurance Agent can help you select insurance coverage that fits your budget and requirements.

How does a deductible work?

In the event of a covered property loss, deductible is the amount you’re responsible for. In covered loss instances, you are responsible for all amounts up to your deductible level, and your insurance covers anything beyond that up to your limit of coverage.  For instance, if you have a $500 deductible with a $3,000 covered loss, you would receive a claim payment of $2,500 after deducting the $500.

What are the current Michigan Auto Insurance Laws and Requirements?

Please find below a link to the Department of Insurance and Financial Service’s Automobile Insurance Guide for information regarding the Michigan Auto Laws and Requirements. For further information please contact one of our agents to learn more.

Do you need to purchase Workers Compensation?

The state of Michigan requires that all private employers who regularly employ one or more employees must carry workers’ compensation coverage. Please review the Employer Insurance Requirements booklet included below. You can also contact one of our agents to learn more.

View Workers Compensation Booklet