Commercial Property & General Liability

Your business can not operate without you. Fischer Insurance makes sure that you can focus on your business knowing that your insurance program is solid.

Commercial Property insurance protects the buildings, property, equipment and tools that you need to run day to day operations. If any or all of these are lost in a covered claim you need an insurance partner that will be there for you in the worst circumstances. You also need an agent that takes an active part in making sure your policy limits are up to date and you know what your policy is protecting. Fischer Insurance has a process of reviewing your policies and explaining coverage in terms you can understand.

General Liability insurance is something no business can operate without. It protects your business from claims of bodily injury or property damage made by a third party. Many businesses enter into contracts which have General Liability requirements. Do you know if your policy actually provides the coverage and terms required in those contracts? Has your agent asked to review the insurance section of those contracts? Fischer Insurance includes this as part of our initial proposal process and every year at renewal.