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Auto insurance can be your single biggest exposure, not to mention the most expensive. Our priority is ensuring that you are not only getting the proper coverage, but also a competitive rate. As an independent agent we offer multiple quotes from the leading insurance carriers in Michigan.
Let us help you with making an educated and price conscious decision.


Tips on Controlling Costs

Auto insurance premiums are based upon many factors, primarily these factors include type of car you own, age and motor vehicle records of drivers in the household, distance the car is driven and garaging location of vehicle. Cost is also considered by coverage limits such as liability and medical coverage limits as well as physical damage coverage. With all this to consider it is important to know what you can do to help manage your cost.

  • Consider choosing higher deductibles for reduced premiums.
  • Receiving a multi-policy discount is a cost effective way of saving on overall premiums. Most carriers will offer this discount when you combine home or renter policies with as your auto coverage.
  • Traffic violations (speeding tickets, moving violations, DUI etc.) can cause increases in premium for up to 3 to 5 years. The severity or number of violations could potentially make you ineligible for coverage with certain competitive carriers.
  • Staying with one agency and/or company for 3 years or longer can earn more competitive rates.
  • Paying your premiums when due will avoid late/cancellation fees.

 Auto Policy Policyholder Notice 4/23/19